Terms & conditions

Please read through the terms and conditions before making a booking with Brides by Aina.M.


1.1 The account details will be provided to you once you are going to make a booking.

1.2 A conformation email will be service as a receipt.

1.3 If a service has not been fully paid i will assume the service is no longer needed and deposits will be lost.

1.4 If the deposits is not paid within the agreed time the trial or wedding date will be released and Aina.M will be able to accept other bookings on this date and your deposit will be non refundable.

1.5 All deposits are non-refundable unless the wedding date is date is cancelled within 3 months of the wedding or trial date.

1.6 Services will not be completed if any payment is outstanding.

1.7 Once payment is made the buyer has agreed to the full list of terms & conditions.

Payment steps 

1.    Deposit for wedding date and trial of £80 (a trial can be booked alone but your wedding date is not secure) or trial deposit of £30 remaining transfer balance to be made on the day of trial


2.    Deposit for wedding date and each bridal party required


3.    Remaining balance 2 weeks before wedding date.


2.1 There is a deposit for a trial and a separate deposit for the wedding date.  Aina.M is not at liberty to hold your wedding date If only a trial is booked.  The only way to secure your wedding date is for a wedding date deposit to be paid.

2.2 All services must be completed in one location per booking.

2.3 Minimum spend of £200 (on wedding day) is required for any booking this does not include the trial. 


2.4 A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure wedding date – (separate from trial)

2.5 To secure a trial and wedding date a non-refundable deposit of £80 is required. A trial deposit of £30 is requested to secure a bridal trial date.After your trial and you would like to go ahead a non refundable deposit of £50 is required and £20 for each person being styled on the day. Eg standard £50 and 2 bridesmaids £40 total of £90 deposit to be paid.


2.6 2 weeks before the wedding date the full balance is required



2.7 There will be 48 hours for a decision to be made if you would like to go ahead. 


2.8 A trial will last up to 3 hours if more time is needed a hourly rate of £25 will be invoice to yourselves after the trial is finished.

2.9 A bridal face of makeup being applied.  It is to find to correct foundation, makeup products, colour and make up a bridal look you would like for your wedding day.





3.1 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have made all communication via email.

3.2 Only when the contact is signed it will be reconsidered as a contractual agreement.



4.1 Travel in the Uk will be charged for the time and distance of the wedding location.  There is a fixed travel fee of £30. Over 20 miles from DA1 there will be further charges to be discussed. 

4.2 Parking fees will be included if a payment for parking is required to park at the location.

4.3 International wedding are charges include:

Flight including baggage

Transfer including airport pick up and drop off and transfers to and from venue

Transport to and from wedding venue to be organised, booked and pay for.  There will be a fee of £150 added to final balance if transport is not possible to be organised.

Accommodation to be organised and booked and aid for.

Daily expense of £40 this does not include the wedding day just days outside the wedding date.