black bride

5 Tips for Afro Bridal Hair

WOOOWHOOOO!! You have invited your natural #afrohair to your wedding,

Now we need to make sure that she steals all the shine!!

black bride
Afro bride

Getting married? and decided to make your gorgeous Afro hair the star of the show but she is not looking too healthy, so what’s your plan?….
If you still have a few months before your big day you can make a few changes to get your coils popping.

Get your Afro hair looking luscious…

5 Easy tips to get your Afro hair wedding ready!

Knowing what type of hair you have is very important as it can help you on your personal hair journey of finding the right product to suit your hair type without buying the whole hair shop although it seems like this is a right of passage when you decide to go natural. As frustrating as it is you can also learn a lot about your hair on this journey of never-ending products and dreams of a full-curly Afro.

On your #weddingday most brides want their to shine look healthy and compliment the style they are wearing and if they have been growing their luscious locs, I’m sure they will want to show that length off too. If you have a month or 2 before your wedding day I have put together 5 tips you can implement to get your hair looking happy and healthy for your special day.


1. CLEANSE – find a great shampoo for your hair. Before I started to invest time in my hair, I would wash my hair about once every 2 months maybe and that would be because it looked dusty. I had to spend some time on her. I hated washing my hair and the whole process that comes with it but I have seen how stepping up your washing game with a great shampoo can make a big difference. Spend some time getting to know your hair and what it needs, if you are a swimmer, you will need a different type of to someone that never goes swimming as you will have more debris to clean. I love shampoos that put moisture back in my hair leaving it soft and easier to comb out.

2. CONDITION – Conditions can do amazing things to your hair but once again it comes down to finding the right on for you. So you will need to take some time to find out what your hair needs. Ask you self is it dry? is it breaking? is more moisture needed? and then do some research on the product available to fix your hair problem and when you find what works you will see the difference.

3. DEEP CONDITION – I personally love this step because I put my product on get my spaceman heat steamer ou) I will show you guys one day what it looks like and you will understand why I call it my spaceman steamer and I sit back and just relax with my steam on for a while to let the heat work the product into my hair before I rinse it out ready for the leave-in conditioner.

4. LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER – Do you use a leave-in conditioner? This has helped me on my hair journey, I used to skip this step because I used to just grease my scalp and be on my way. But as I am now on my natural hair journey, I have seen the benefit of using a leave-in conditioner. My hair gets really dry, so if I can add an extra step to capture that moisture in my afro I will take it. The leave-in conditioner is after you have washed maybe done a deep conditioner and then add your leave-in conditioner to get that wedding hair ready.

5. SILK – sleeping with a silk bonnet or silk pillow can do amazing this like stopping your hair from breaking which is a goal if you are trying to grow your hair. It is less drying not only on your hair but your skin as well so there is a double bonus you don’t want to refuse leading up to your wedding day. So break out the silk bonnet or splash on that silk pillowcase and your hair #weddingready.

And that’s it!!